Rattha Charithra gets an A certificate

Rattha Charithra has obtained an ‘A’ certificate.  After reveiwing the movie the censor board was not happy with 3 scenes and have ordered to cut them down before the release, although, they appreciate the story for its theme and screenplay and Surya’s ‘eye catching’ performance literally. Well that did not come as a surprise to many as RGV has been repeatedly stating it in his interviews that ‘Surya can talk with his eyes’.
Done with their censorship details, next on their list of promotions is a visit by Ram Gopal Varma and Surya in a chartered flight to theatres in Madurai and Coimbatore on November 30.The director and actor are supposed to reach Madurai at 11 am on Tuesday, to meet  their fans. After which the Coimbatore trip is scheduled as they have planned to reach there by 6:30 pm and afterwards head for a special screening of the trailer for the forthcoming film.
We caught up with Surya to before release of the movie in a few days on December 3.
Here is an excerpt for the interview.

So Surya when did you decide you are going to do Ram Gopal Varma’s project? “It was a script that Ram Gopal Varma had and was a unique one. I wanted to work with him for a long time and things just fell in place,” 

What do you have to say about the posters that hint of violence? “In the first part, my character was the hunted. The second one is about a man wanting to wreak vengeance for the loss of his loved ones. I’m an engineer who wants to settle down in a job, when life takes an unexpected turn,”

So was it tough retaking your movie in other languages? “Doing the first scene was difficult but repeating the same in other two languages was like doing a retake,”

Three languages and so less time, how did you accomplish all this within the stipulated time? “The ‘first A.D. system’ that RGV adopts helps save time. The assistant directors are given a clear brief of the scenes; everything is ready well ahead, so there’s clarity on the sets,”

Did your role in Nandha have an influence in this movie? “Well it was the role of a juvenile prisoner. There was hardly one page of dialogue for me. I had to play with my eyes to emote. I was noticed as an actor with this movie,” he recalls. Well and you received the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor for Nandha.

Those five years must have been tough for you? “In the initial five years, I was not the chooser. I had to take up all opportunities that came my way to get a hold in the industry. I had to work for survival,” he said.

Do you feel there is a difference between movies coming out of Bollywood and Kollywood? “In Mumbai, it is urban while in Tamil it is more middle class. Besides, cinema tickets in Mumbai and up north are steep as compared to Tamil Nadu,” Surya said adding that Tamil film industry was more conservative than Bollywood.

To act in a Hindi flick which is going to be showcased for the Mumbai audience? The actor said that Mumbai was not new to him as his wife Jyothika is from Bandra. He said he was open to good offers from Bollywood but his Tamil film commitments were a priority for him.

Thanks for your time Surya. Everyone awaits your movie this December .We wish you luck and hope it will be the next big achievement in your career. I hope so too. Thank you. Will the ‘Suryan’ shine on Surya’s side this time is yet to be decided as we eagerly wait for the release of Rattha Charithra.


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