Surya on an emotional ride

Prior to the release of his movie Surya humbly requested the promoters of Rattha Charithram 2 to change the poster prior to release as they compared him to the gigantic hero Rajnikanth, but he has no regrets as all he needs is appreciation for his sole efforts. We came to know how involved the actor had been with his character as emotions ran high with this flick and an actor like him would only be happy to grab a chance like this.

Is it true that the role demanded so much more than what you expected?

RC2 was very disturbing for me as a person and as an actor too. I don’t play hero or a villain in this film. I play a character called Surya. The emotions were really extreme which I have not portrayed in my earlier projects. That was challenging. I draw my emotions from real life happenings so that was quite disturbing while shooting,

He added on, Whatever knowledge I had about the person and whatever brief I was given by RGV, I put it all in the film. I have been a puppet to RGV,” he quips.
“Every film that I have done has been different. Be it ‘Ghajini’ or ‘Singam’. People have appreciated the kind of cinema I am associated with and I am sure they will like the choice which I have made with this film too.”

Its no surprise that Surya has made it into the hearts of a thousand admirers in no time, there is no doubt he will strike a chord this time too. Well those in doubt think twice before you jump to any conclusions as he has definitely left no stones unturned.


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