Surya's explanation for skipping premier of ‘Ratha Charithiram’

Actor Surya seems to have tied himself to a bit of problem by boycotting the premier show of 'Ratha Charithiram' which was planned on December 2 (Thursday) in Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur. The primer show was organized prior to the release of the movie in India on December 3.

However the actor has come up with a good reason for his absence at the premier show. Surya is reported to have said his absence is due to the unexpected accident in the sets of 'Ezham Arivu' which picked him up an injury in his spinal chord. However media has gone through the other side of his boycott.

Tamil activists and organizations were irked by Vivek Oberoi, when failed to skip the IIFA awards ceremony held in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo in June this year. The issue has been linked up with Surya as the actor voiced in support of his ‘Ratha Charithiram’ costar Vivek Oberoi.

So, Malaysian Tamil organizations and movements planned for a protest against Surya, during his visit to their Capital. Media reports suggest that this could have made the star decide to skip the event. Following Surya's boycott the whole event was canceled. Suriya has said in a press statement that he couldn’t maintain his commitment due to the unexpected injury suffered during the shooting.“I’d soon be going to Malaysia to meet my fans,” he said.


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