Surya & Vishal sequence in Avan Ivan

Actor Surya has been fast becoming an expert in playing guest roles in films.  More often than not, the actor gets to play himself (actor Surya) in those movies.  In the latest Kamal Haasan-Madhavan-Trisha-Sangeetha starrer ‘Manmadhan Ambu’ too, Surya had played himself and is said to be repeating the same role in director Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’.

In a particular sequence in the film shot recently, Suriya plays himself and visits the town where Vishal (said to be playing a transgender) resides with his mother.  An argument ensues between Vishal & Suriya (in the film, of course) during when Surya cautions him not to take cine stars lightly as ‘acting’ wasn’t a child’s play and involved many intricacies.
This gets Vishal going and he becomes an ‘actor’ instantaneously by enacting all kinds of emotions like happiness, sad, anger, agony, guilt, etc. (Navarasa), much to the dismay of the actor and other surrounding him.  Vishal okayed this difficult shot at the very first attempt, surprising Bala with his perfect expressions.
Even Suriya would have felt the same, isn’t it?


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