Surya's pair is 21-year-old girl

There were reports that a top Bollywood actress (most probably Sonakshi Sinha or Sonam Kapoor) will be paired opposite Surya in 'Maatran', a film directed by K V Anand and produced by AGS Entertainment.
But the director has denied this saying that he is not planning to rope in any Bollywood heroine. “I have not approached any north Indian actress to act opposite Surya,” the cinematographer-filmmaker says.
And he has a reason too. “Because the heroine character requires a 21-year-old girl. So we are on the lookout of an actress who would fit well to the role,” Anand, who earlier worked with Surya in 'Ayan', says.
Earlier Anand had to refute another media claim that Surya would play Siamese twins in this film. The director denied it as rumours and instead said the actor would appear in five different get-ups.


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