Surya and Jyotika - the Jodi Is Back to Sizzle

Surya and Jyothika have been the most celebrated couple in Tamil film industry. It remained as an unfulfilled thirst for the fans as they wanted to see the couple together on screens. Well with the recent promos of Surya-Jo appearing together in satellite channels and print media, it created huge sensation in town, thereby increasing the levels of curiosities. Finally they are here to recreate magic with the ad campaign of brand new SUNRISE that will be aired on full version from March 12.

Much elated for the association with SUNRISE, Surya says that the new Sunrise coffee has a fantastic taste with rich aroma that makes your moment so fresh and invigorating. “With our performance in ad, I would like to make it clear that me and Jo didn’t act, but performed naturally as the emotions were genuine and natural” adds Surya. 


  1. Anonymous said...:

    they look great together as always....

    surya jo roxx

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