Surya at "Cul De SAP"

Actor espouses good health and lifestyle practices - THE HINDU Article

They greeted him with excited yells and a warm round of applause, but when he began speaking they were all ears, for they knew he was there to make a valuable point.
Actor Surya's presence at 'Cul De SAP', the cultural extravaganza hosted by the School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), Anna University, not only delighted students, but also sought to make them reflect on their health and lifestyles.
The student cultural festival morphed into a platform to spread awareness when actor Surya spoke on the need to pay adequate attention to one's health, particularly kidneys.
The actor is the goodwill ambassador of TANKER Foundation that supports underprivileged persons who are battling kidney ailments. He was addressing the students in connection with 'World Kidney Day' observed on Thursday.
Instantly striking a chord with the students, Surya said he knew the kind of hard work students of architecture had to put in. “Use your creativity and add to the beauty of this city,” he told students.
Highlighting the importance of creating awareness of kidney ailments, he said it was often a “silent killer.” “We really have to take care. Getting one's blood and urine tested regularly for kidney ailments is important. Also, drink plenty of water. Speak to your friends and relatives about it,” he said, adding that leading a stress-free life was also a key factor.
Integrating fitness into one's daily routine is the best way to ensure good overall health, he said. “Dedicating half an hour to 40 minutes to a sport or any other form of physical exercise will have a positive impact on heath.”
Pointing to the large percentage of youth in India, the actor said it was vital that they realised the value of good health, in order to make significant contributions to the nation's growth. “I never miss a chance to speak on health. Once, when I was travelling in Thailand, I was surprised to see an 80-year-old-woman playing silambam so actively. Everyone there, irrespective of age, is conscious of their fitness and tend to adopt suitable lifestyles. Similarly, it should become a habit for all of us,” he told The Hindu.
Persons over 35 years, leading very busy lives, should somehow try and find time for exercise and fitness, he added.
Speaking at the cultural festival earlier, Anna University vice-chancellor P.Mannar Jawahar said the students of architecture, with their creative and innovative minds, had helped the event grow significantly in its second edition itself.
Monsingh D. Devdas, dean, SAP, Latha Kumaraswami, managing trustee of the TANKER Foundation and M. Aravindan, student president, SAP, spoke.


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