What’s special in ‘7m Arivu’: Murugadoss interview

Murugadoss directed Surya in ‘7m Arivu,’ posters of which have gone up all over Tamilnadu in the last couple of days. Seeing the appearance of Surya, one is eager to watch the film. Murugadoss has given an interview in Ananda Vikatan about what’s special in the film.

“It was 140 days of shooting and we brought an unimaginable colorful dream, come true. One can say it’s justified grandeur. Udayanidhi Stalin was very cooperative. I have combined period film and science fiction in this film. ‘Varnam’ will definitely surprise Tamil audiences. It will make every Tamilian ask with “Do you know who I am” with pride. I have not given any over build-up. After ‘7m Arivu,’ ‘Ghajini’ will move to the background. The film has come out very well and my confidence stems from that.

‘7m Arivau’ is the secret of DNA. I have brought out that secret. Tamil culture is wonderful but we learn of it only from books and old manuscripts. The white man obliterated our culture and left behind only famine. We have forgotten what we gave the world and have fallen into decadency. I have contrasted life 200 years ago and now, that’s why I said this is not a regular movie. Even 500 years ago, the Americans and Australians were forest dwellers, but now they are so advanced. We were so advanced so many hundreds of years ago, while have we still not gone that far ahead? I’m telling all that in this film!”

Going by what you say, would this be Surya’s best film of his career?

“Surely! Whatever film Surya does next, this film would be his benchmark. There are fights based on martial arts. Surya spent a month in Vietnam for training. He brought with him, 2 artistes well versed in this art, with whom he learnt and fought with them as challenge. It is hard to fight with a 6 pack, because you must be careful of your water intake and food intake. Surya had to go by that as well as slog for the film’s demands. I feel shy to convey my thanks in person, so here I say, ‘Thanks, Surya!’”

This is Shruti’s first Tamil film. How has she done?

“She is not there just to decorate the duets. She had long dialogues to deliver. We did not show leniency because she is Kamal sir’s daughter. She did not expect it either. She delivered what was necessary for the film. We now have a talented heroine in Tamil films, one who know Tamil! That’s good news.”

AR Mrugadoss-Harris Jayaraj is a success combo…

“Yes, it is so in this film too. There are 5 songs in the film. We needed a 6th song in Chinese and looked for a poet who knew Chinese. I heard that Madan Gorky knows to read and write in Chinese. When I asked him, he said he could write the song and wrote the song for me. I was confusion wondering if he had really written a song and if it had all the elements I wanted it to have. When I cross checked with someone who knew Chinese, I was told it was a beautiful song. Soon, son will surpass his father!”

What’s the reason for your success?

“I like success. It’s said we should not be swayed by victory or floored by failure. I’m the reverse type. I celebrate victory and droop when I fail. If we take victory and failure alike, what’s the interest in life? One must experience both differently. Rising up after failure makes one stronger.

I films, you get some things without asking for it. If you enjoy that too much, your story is over. I treat cinema like a game to play. My final goal is important. I don’t want small happiness in-between. This is all I have for my secret of success.”


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