7am arivu : Ten crores spent on first 10 minutes

Udhayanidhi Stalin's name will reverberate for the coming days because, what he has done as the producer of 7am Arivu (7th Sense in Telugu) is unprecedented. He has spent a mind-boggling ten crores of rupees on the fist 10 minutes of this movie. Well, AR Murugadoss could not have asked for more. (He would have got it, even if he had asked for more).

7th Sense is making news not just for the coming together of Surya and Murugadoss six years after Ghajini, but also the cost on which it has been made. The lavish budget apart, the film's genre (science fiction) makes it even more exciting.

The makers are promising a never-seen-before movie-watching experience. The director, speaking in Hyderabad, even said that the Kung Fu sequence in the film has been shot lavishly, raising the expectations of action film lovers a notch higher.

Ravi K Chandran's cinematography is going to be another high point. You will be asked to not miss the first ten minutes of 7th Sense because it is not every year that a film like this is made.

All that we need to do is keep guessing about what is in store in the first few minutes of the film.

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