Surya forced to buy bike because of her!

When it comes to a top league superstar, it is next to impossible to find him going in the streets riding a motorcycle. However, if the people of Chennai get lucky they might well be seeing the hot star Surya zipping past the roads on a two wheeler.

However, there is a story to it. Sources say Surya has bought a bike and this was due to a compulsion. This compulsion came from his daughter Diay. It is heard that she is keen on going to school on a motorcycle and wants her dad to drop her there.

So, Surya has reportedly gone ahead and bought a motorbike. Whenever he gets a chance, he takes her on the two wheeler and drops her. Of course, it is heard that Surya ensures to wear a helmet so that he is not recognized. Despite his busy schedule, Surya reportedly makes it a point to drop Diay to school as many times as he can.


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