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This year has been hectic thus far for Surya. Last year, the 7 Aum Arivu star celebrated his birthday on the sets of Maatraan with his costar Kajal and director K.V. Anand. But this year Surya has got a lucky break and will spend his birthday today with his family.

Speaking exclusively to DC, Surya said, “I have got a break and I am going to celebrate my birthday with my family. I have been missing them (Jo, Diya and Dev) and I am going to spend the whole day with them.”

The birthday boy is equally excited about Maatraan, which has shaped up extremely well. Surya plays the part of Siamese twins in the movie and it is probably for the first time in the world that an actor has played the parts of both the conjoined twins in a feature film.

In an earlier interview with DC, Surya had spoken about spending quality time with his family.

"I even do my workouts before my kids wake up so as to spend that time with them. A dutiful father I am, I do all that I can — putting on the uniform and getting Diya ready for school, help Jo feed the younger one etc.,” Surya had said.

Needless to say that Surya’s fans are celebrating his birthday with acts of charity. They have organised various activities in Chennai including blood donation camps, distributing uniforms and notebooks for hundreds of children throughout the state.


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