Maattrraan Movie Review

Maattrraan brings back the successful team of Surya, Director K V Anand and music director Harris Jayaraj after the blockbuster Ayan in 2009.

The plot revolves around two Siamese twins- Vimalan/Vimal and Agilan/Akhil (both played by Surya). Their father runs a huge company which manufactures one of the best energy drinks for children.

His competitors attempt to capture his secret recipe by employing a Russian spy who befriends one of the twins and their common girlfriend Anjali (played by Kajal Agarwal).The Russian spy somehow gathers the secret formula of the drink with their help but is killed by some unknown men. Soon after, Vimalan also dies in an accident. Now separated from his brother, Agilan he learns that the Russian girl was not a spy and also realizes a dangerous fact about the factory run by his father. To discover the truth, he and Anjali leave for Russia. The answers to these mysteries form a part of the climax.

Surya delivers an extraordinary performance throughout the film. He is equally at ease in action scenes and songs. Kajal Agarwal has little scope for acting, but looks gorgeous in almost all the songs. Sachin Khadekhar has done justice to his role as Surya's father.On the technical front, Soundara Rajan's cinematography is superb and so is the editing. A highlight of the film is Surya's real life brother Karthi provides the voice of one of the Siamese twins. Harris Jayaraj's songs and background scores are ok. The romance between Anjali and Vimalan and comedy scenes between the Siamese twins keep the audience entertained in the first half. The film takes a serious turn with lots of action scenes in the second part. The narration is excellent and the director never loses his grip either on the story or screenplay right from the beginning till the end.

Definitely another box office bonanza for Surya.

Rating - 4/5


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