Surya Meets His Die Hard Fans from Japan

After SuperStar Rajnikanth, the Maattrraan actor Surya has a large fan following in Japan. Few of the Japanese die hard fans of Surya came all the way to India to meet their favourite Star.

After meeting Surya at his residence, one of the fan from Japan Mr. Ogaami San quoted as saying, “We like Surya a lot and my family is a great fan of the star. I have seen almost all of his movies. I will ask my fellow mates who knows Tamil to translate it in Japanese while watching. We came to his home to meet him personally and to get a glimpse of our favourite star. When he came inside the room initially we were really wordless and amazed to see our star in person. He treated us very casually and as if we were his friends, he is a very humble person with a lot of talent. We took few snaps with him and I feel this is the moment I can cherish for the rest of my life. Its a great honor to meet our Star and convey our love towards him.”

As the icing on the cake, Mr. Ogaami San sang few songs of Surya in Tamil, the language which he is totally not aware of. He cant even speak a word in Tamil but sings many songs featuring his star Surya fluently. This shows the reach of the South Indian Cinema and apparently the reach of the Star throughout the world. It is not surprising as the star himself is very hard working and have exhibited different charisma in every movie he works. Perhaps, we can say he is one of the countable number of actors in indian cinema who chooses different subjects every time and tries to prove his passion towards acting!

Surya personally gave his autograph and said “He is really humbled by this visit to his home."


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