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Singam 2 villain is a Hollywood actor

Surya’s Hari directed Singam 2 is making brisk progress. The scenes involving Surya and a Kenyan villain is to be shot in Kenya and Tanzania next month. Earlier there were rumours that the villain in the film will portray a Muslim sea pirate.
Now one of the producers of Singam 2, SR Prabhu of Studio Green has tweeted – “ The Hollywood actor playing the baddie in Surya’s Singam 2 is Danny Sapani”. As per his profile he has done some Hollwood films in supporting cast and a few television serials.

Director Hari feels he will look like a Kenyan villain required for the film, as in real life he is a black of African origin.Some of the most amazing action scenes are going to be shot by Hari on Surya and Danny using a foreign action choreographer.  

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Music Director Devi Sri Prasad On Singam 2

Singam 2

We all know that Singam directed by Hari was a great hit and so are its songs. Hence there are huge expectations about Singam 2. Hari has made the script in an extraordinary fashion. Thanks to Hari sir for giving me the opportunity to score for Singam 2 also and thanks to Studio Green. It is too early to talk about the film as it went on floor just recently. But I am sure the film will be a great hit. We are all trying to make the music a great hit. Everything is coming out well. Hope the audience likes the album.

Working with Hari

What I like about Hari sir is he is extremely decent and disciplined. He values time a lot and operates with a clear cut plan. His planning inculcates discipline among the people he works with. I really wish I had his planning and time sense. He is very hard working and is ready to work 24 hours. In fact when we were working in Aaru, I used to call him in the middle of the night for tunes and he would willingly oblige. He creates magic in screenplay. I pray that he creates history in Singam 2 also.

You have worked with big stars. How do you feel about this?

Every star has his individual impact. People say that I have the unique credit of having worked with Tamil and Telugu superstars. In Telugu I have worked with Chiranjeevi sir, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, Pawan Kalyan, NTR, Bunny, Prabhas and now I am working with Mahesh. In Tamil, I have worked with Vijay, Vikram, Surya, Dhanush, Kamal sir and now Karthi. In Hindi too I have worked with Salman Khan albeit just for one song which has become a major hit and earned me name and fame there. I am really happy about this and its God’s gift. I wish to thank all these heroes because it is good to know that they have faith in my capability and continue to give me films. How much ever we give good music, when it features in a star’s film, the value increases and the reach is phenomenal. I sincerely thank all the heroes, stars, producers and directors who have given me the opportunity.

Maattrraan - Creating a Revolution in Digital Era

In the recent times, the doors of International cinema have been constantly kept open for the Indian movies for its distinct elegance in technical aspects. Well, it was a dream for many technicians, especially in Tamil film industry to stand out on pars with Hollywood technology and today, it has become a reality.

Surya starrer 'Maattrraan' has been listed as one of the best movies with proficient VFX works in chart-topping global VFX site 'Fx Guide' under the tag of 'A new wave of brilliant invisible effects'.

According to their vivid analysis, they have mentioned that it was a challenging work to accomplish as actor Surya's role as conjoined twins had formed the intriguing part of the film. Thanks to VFX Supervisor Srinivas Mohan from Indian Artists as his widespread knowledge towards every aspect of this technology bestowed the makers of this film with good results.

Srinivas Mohan had to go through various options to get the finest outputs that include Digital Head replacement and multi-camera re-projections followed by crafting of shots over the twins dancing, fighting and acting together in the same frame.

If you're guessing or turning more inquisitive about how it was conjoined twin Surya on the screens, here is a brief note behind its feat of achievement. Initially, the entire shooting of the film took place with a body double for Surya followed by which the head would be replaced by that of the actor. But it isn't easy take to capture the faster movements of dance and action sequences, moreover to capture the close up emotions on the face. Well, they were all achieved through the digital effects, where Surya had to go through various facial scans in the backdrops of Light Stage in Los Angeles.

Guess what's more interesting about Surya's face effects. To capture the detailed record of his reactions in the wide shot, the actor had to wear a helmet rig made up of LED strips, CCD cam and iPhone 4s. It is worth mentioning that the famous Maya and Jupiter Jazz's Jupiter Skin were used to model the digital head.

Srinivas Mohan ideated with an interesting measure to capture the body double performance of Surya that was captured based on the numbered beats like (1,2,3,4....n) that was carefully noted by the actor for a reference point.

Singam 2 completes its third schedule

Surya’s much awaited film Singam 2 completed its third schedule. Director of this film, Hari is planning for next schedule in Kenya and Tanzania. He already visited and finalized few places in Kenya and Tanzania and will be leaving by the mid of February for Singam 2 next schedule.

One of the producers of this film, Prabhu from Studio Green also tweeted, “The third schedule of Singam 2 is done. Now what remain are the overseas portions which will start from mid of this month”.

Surya along with Anushka and Hansika will be playing the lead roles in Singam 2, which will be dubbed into Telugu as Yamudu 2. Devi Sri Prasad is ready with his tunes for Singam 2 and cinematography is by Priyan.

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