Singam 2 villain is a Hollywood actor

Surya’s Hari directed Singam 2 is making brisk progress. The scenes involving Surya and a Kenyan villain is to be shot in Kenya and Tanzania next month. Earlier there were rumours that the villain in the film will portray a Muslim sea pirate.
Now one of the producers of Singam 2, SR Prabhu of Studio Green has tweeted – “ The Hollywood actor playing the baddie in Surya’s Singam 2 is Danny Sapani”. As per his profile he has done some Hollwood films in supporting cast and a few television serials.

Director Hari feels he will look like a Kenyan villain required for the film, as in real life he is a black of African origin.Some of the most amazing action scenes are going to be shot by Hari on Surya and Danny using a foreign action choreographer.  


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