Surya With His Son and Daughter

Surya with his kids Dev and Diya

Surya calls Singam 2 his career best

Surya is busy working on his upcoming film Singam 2 (sequel to his hit film Singam). The actor was recently quoted in an interview that this action film directed by Hari was the best film of his career in the action genre.

The actor is also happy with the way the scenes shot in South Africa have come out. The Singam star is quite confident that the scenes involving him would impress every one.

Surya has also done a cameo in Chennaiyil Oru Naal. The film is a remake of the Malayalam hit Traffic and has an ensemble cast including Sarath Kumar, Prakash Raj, Cheran, Prasanna, Raadhika to name a few

Video: Surya visits Ameen Peer Dargah in Kadapa

                     Surya visits Ameen Peer Dargah in Kadapa

I still take Jyothika on lunch dates: Surya - Deccan Chronicle Article

Arguably one of the most bankable names in Kollywood, Surya's meteoric rise to K'town royalty has much to do with his aspiration, as it has to do with his humility.

His greatest contribution to the good of society stems from his aspiration.

"We need to earn enough to be able to give back," he says, speaking excitedly about his Agharam foundation that hones students for schooling and life itself.

"My father comes from a village called Kasigoundan Puthur near Coimbatore. We would not have been here today if not for education. My dad's relative helped him financially and his teacher was the guiding light. Education transforms life and it did change ours. Today, my family, our team at Agharam and myself believe in the miracles of education," he says.

The unassuming nature of this hunk is offset by his muscle-charged physique that has women of all ages swooning, but his biggest charm lies in the fact that he is a dedicated married man.

"Jyothika completes me. Her smile is all that I look forward to after a hard day at work or when I'm low. Women do so much for us. I had my career, my home and I am in a city that is home to me. But for her, she relocated from Mumbai, gave up her career and loves being a homemaker. She is our happiness hotline no matter where we are," says the proud husband.

Fatherhood rules!
Enjoying the joys of fatherhood, Surya's eyes light up when he talks about his children Diya and Dev.

There is a sense of joy in his voice as he says, "Diya is just like me and Dev is a photocopy of Jo. I want them to follow their heart, but as a father I do tell them about what is right and wrong through short stories or anecdotes. When I tuck them into bed, I read stories to them. I feel real love. Often we are enacting emotions in cinema and I felt I had become numb to emotion. But my children made me realise the joys of feeling excited, loved, being wanted and admired."

It's no surprise that he can't stop talking about the centre of his world, his kids.

He continues, "I take them to our terrace and we play a lot. We do walks in the park when it's relatively less crowded and at night, sometimes I take them to the beach. When I was in Japan recently, I bought some audio books. We sit around and listen to the book and my children learn a lot about the world through these encyclopedias."

On finding happiness and contentment

His warmth stems from being content, from being truly in a happy place. "I have come a long way from being someone who never dreamt of films to now working constantly in the industry for the past 15 years. Never did I imagine a life like this. Whenever people used to ask me, my gut feeling used to always prevent me. I went to Loyola to get myself a commerce degree and even when my collegemates were dabbling in films, it didn't interest me as a career option. Even my dad who was a successful actor never took us to his shoots or involved us with film functions. But there was a time when he suggested I learn kickboxing and horse riding to prepare for a career in films, even then I said no. It was much later that opportunity knocked on my door and I couldn't turn it down."

His warmest thoughts are where they rightfully belong, to his fans. "I am so humbled and touched by all the love. As clich├ęd as it may sound, there is no way of describing how overwhelming it is to be liked, appreciated and wanted by so many people. When I visited Norway recently, I met many Indians and Tamilians who had not come back home for nearly two decades. But they all knew our Indian film stars. They recognised me, it was very touching to feel their affection."

At a time when relationships are fast being diluted and 'adjustment' is the key to success of a marriage, Surya says, "I enjoy each day with Jo. It's like I am discovering a new her everyday. There are so many dimensions to a person and discovering those facets and celebrating them is key to a happy relationship. Till date, I still take her out on lunch dates, we spend quality time every night after we tuck the kids into bed."

While on relationships, we can't help but notice the reverence and love he feels for his dad. "Our ability to reach out and touch the lives we do comes from his guidance. He has been doing so much for the needy for the past three decades."

On Jayalalithaa, What makes him tick, and 'Singham 2'

I have grown up hearing a lot about her dynamic personality. No matter what one hears, it’s a different experience meeting her. Her charisma and charm are magnetic. I feel she has the good of the people at heart. Opinions are allowed and lots of people have opinions, as they should, but the fact remains, she has progressive ideas for our State. Her leadership has a confident, dynamic and sensitive approach to it. As a member of the film fraternity, which she also came from, I am extremely proud of her achievements and I feel she is a role model to not just women but also us men. In a country where we hear of so much violence against women, we need women like our Chief Minister who are at the forefront of shaping policy.

Simply Surya

- My 4am friend in the industry is Madhavan. He is my first industry friend and no matter where I am or where he is, he’d be the first person in the industry I’d call when in need.

- Jo sings Hindi songs for me. She’s really sweet like that. I feel special instantly. I have sung to her once, it was an Ilayaraja sir's song and she recorded and still plays it back to me sometime to rib me.

- I am planning to cook for her and the kids when we head to the US in April. We are going to be staying at Jo's sisters place and I have learnt how to make soup so far. Once before, Jo and I have made mini-samosas and dosas for the kids.

Singham to roar

Singham-2 is very different. It's not just centred around Chennai. We go deeper South. I had a great time working with Hari again. I learnt about conviction while emoting while working on this project. In this genre, this is the best film so far in my career. And we've shot in South Africa too. I promise all my fans that it will blow their mind.

Why DC is Surya's favourite read

The tabloid format is fresh and very appealing. Language is crisp, articulate and very today. There is an element of punch in the candid stories Chennai Chronicle writes. I like being seen in it. My warmest wishes to the entire team of Chennai Chronicle for a great job done so far and for raising the bar of tabloid journalism. Good luck and God Bless.

Surya's Mounam Pesiyadhe Dubbed In Telugu As Kanchu

                    Surya's Kanchu Movie Latest Trailer

Surya's Mounam Pesiyadhe, which released way back in 2002, has been dubbed into Telugu, as Kanchu. The Telugu version of Mounam Pesiyadhe was released yesterday(29/03/2013).

Mounam Pesiyadhe had a good following in Tamil Nadu as it was a love story with a difference. Ameer Sultan made his directorial debut with this film and artists like Trisha and Nandha too were introduced in Kollywood, through the film. The film had music by Yuvan Shankar Raja's and the songs went on to become chartbusters. Now we have to see how the Telugu version casts magic at the Box Office as well.

Kanchu Movie HQ Stills

Surya in Chennaiyil Oru Naal Stills

Surya in Chennai Oru Naal

Chennai Oru Naal is a remake of Malayalam movie Traffic, directed by Shaheed Kader. This movie is touted as a true story based on how an accident intertwines the lives of few characters.

In this flick Surya does a cameo. This movie stars many known artists like Sarathkumar, Raadhika Sarathkumar,Prakash Raj, Prasanna, Parvati Menon and Iniya are playing the main leads.

Chennai Oru Naal’s music is composed by Mejo Joseph and the flick is produced by Raadhika Sarath Kumar and Listin Stephen under Magic Frames and I Pictures banner. Sun Pictures bagged the distribution rights and the movie is ready to hit the screens on March 29.

Video: Surya Special in Rewind – Sun Music Show

                   Surya Special in Rewind Sun Music Show - Surya Shares a lot about his childhood & friends.

Surya with fans

3 crore for Singam sequel rights?

Looks like the makers of Surya-starrer Singam II had to pay a price, literally, to get the title! The producer of the film, Lakshmanan, had to pay a hefty sum to the production arm of a leading private Tamil TV channel to get back the rights of the title.

Confirming the news, Lakshmanan told , "The first film was produced as a joint production between K E Gnanavel Raja's production house and a Mumbai-based corporate. They had then sold the copyrights to the channel's production arm, who distributed the film. So, when we decided to make the sequel, we had to pay them to get the rights."

However, Lakshmanan refused to divulge the exact amount and said, "I can't reveal figures as they are confidential. All I can say is that we had to pay a substantial amount." Industry sources place the figure at around ` 3 crore, as the Singam II team had to get the rights to not just the title but also to the characters.

Meanwhile, the producer adds that the film is 85 per cent complete and will release some time in June. "Director Hari is currently shooting two songs in sets erected in Chennai. We are planning to go to Europe to shoot another song. And, we have some fight scenes that will be shot in south Tamil Nadu," he says.

Singam Unseen Pic

Surya back to Chennai

Surya who was in Malayasia shooting for Singam 2 directed by Hari has returned back to Chennai. The actor had shot some spectacular action sequences during the South Africa and Malaysia schedules. 

The talkie portions of the movie is complete except for the songs. Two songs are yet to be canned. Devi Sri Prasad is scoring the music and had recently recorded a song with Baba Sehgal. Surya, Anushka and Hansika play the lead roles. The film is produced by Studio Green

Baba Sehgal has sung a song for Surya

Rapper Baba Sehgal has sung a song for Surya's 'Singam 2'. Devi Sri Prasad is scoring the music for Singam 2 and has roped in Baba Sehgal to croon a song. Baba Shegal has tweeted, "Recorded a funky dance song for Singam 2 with one and only Devi Sri Prasad. Rocking as always"

The shooting of Singam 2 was recenty happened in Malaysia. Hollywood actor Danny Sapani has joined the team for the shoot. Major action sequence is being shot in Malaysia. A risky boat chase sequence is being canned with Surya.

The film shooting is inching towards completion. Surya, Anushka and Hansika play the lead roles in Singam 2 directed by Hari

Surya Cute Pics

Surya with Fans @ Malaysia

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