Battle Royale for Surya’s dates

A big battle is brewing in Kollywood over Surya’s dates. Surya is just completing Hari’s Singam 2 in South Africa for producers Studio Green. He will be back in Chennai by Thursday (28/02/2013) and will have to take a final call and announce his next film.

There are two directors who claim that Surya has given the green signal to their projects. Gautham Vasudev Menon who celebrated his 40th birthday on Monday (Feb 25) has confirmed to the trade that he is starting his film with Surya in April. Gautham by the end of the week is flying to US on location hunting for his proposed Suriya film.

Meanwhile Lingusamy has also confirmed that he is starting his next film with Surya as the hero, as soon as he completes Singam 2. Lingusamy is fine-tuning his Surya script at the moment in his ancestral house in Kumbakonam. Lingusamy has also got confirmed dates of Samantha who will be playing the heroine in the film.

Now the ball is in Surya’s court, as he has to take a call on which of these projects, he will start immediately. Sources close to Surya say that the actor will do both the projects simultaneously. However doing two films simultaneously, is going to be difficult for the actor who always insists on different looks for his films. But industry sources say Gautham is the front runner, but at the last minute Lingusamy may emerge with the dates.

Both the directors are seen as close to Surya, and it is the star who has to take the final call. The directors are backed solidly by the best of financiers in India, as there is definitely a buzz around a Surya project. Remember that his last release Maatraan which was just an average grosser, made Rs 90 Crore for Eros who marketed it!


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