Surya is celebrating his 38th birthday today

Surya is celebrating his 38th birthday today (July 23). The actor has come a long way, due to sheer hard work and grit. Surya knows the art of picking the right script and working on it to suit his image.

Surya’s Singam 2 is a hit and he has proved that he can get a mega opening across the globe. The actor has been able to convert his fan base in Andhra to a major territory. He is one of the few stars who can get Rs 15 Crore for his Telugu dubbing film.

Today what works best for the star is his angry action hero image and less of the romantic soft hero as illustrated by Singam 2’s box-office success. His success has come about also because he has been flexible in his approach and business like in his decisions. In short, Surya is the complete professional. wishes a very happy birthday to Surya.


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