Anjaan's terrific opening song

Not a day goes by without some buzz or the other about Surya's Anjaan, directed by Lingusamy and co-starring Samantha. The film has Yuvan's music and the director believes that Yuvan has outdone himself and delivered his best beyond even the chart-buster Paiyaa.

Lyricist Madhan Karky who recently updated that he was working on the dialogues for the upcoming Surya - Venkat Prabhu film, has also worked on Anjaan's opening song 'Bang Bang Bang'. He seems to have really enjoyed the experience of working on this foot-tapping number, as he tweeted. "Thanks to @dirlingusamy & #Yuvan had lovely experience composing this foot-tapping opening song of #Anjaan with them. #BangBangBang"

Karky also shared the opening lines of this song and we have to admit that these are some really fiery and 'massy' lines targeted at Surya's large fan following. Sample these

"Andheri Puli Pera Chonna Adi Nenjile
Bang Bang Bang

Raju Bhai Unna Kannala Paathale
Bang Bang Bang

Raju Bhai Vandhu Munnala Ninna
Bang Bang Bang"


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